Your Jewelry and the “Quiet Luxury” Movement

“Quiet Luxury” is on everyone’s lips. So what is it and how does your jewelry fit in?

Quiet luxury is true luxury that doesn’t slap you in the face to present itself. The logos aren’t big, gaudy or flashy. It doesn’t scream “look at me”.… it’s quiet. It is not an easily identifiable brand, it’s subtle. It becomes apparent to you through its fine craftsmanship, it’s high quality materials, and it’s understated elegance. This isn’t the place for big logo pieces and huge patterns. Think less bang but more power.

Fine, artistic jewelry that is made by skilled craftsmen… and craftswomen (of course!) has a strong place in the quiet luxury movement. Our logos aren’t the defining design, and that is our strength here.

Look closely at jewelry from the experienced, independent artisan to fit into quiet luxury. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, high quality, thick and weighty solid gold, strong construction, high end gemstones (with a bit of color but not overstated).

The jewelry pieces that fit into the quiet luxury space are going to be heirloom pieces built to last for centuries. Not minimalist, but definitely not in-your-face gaudy. It’s pieces that are going to compliment many different outfits and be the ones you go back to over and over again for a lifetime and that remain a favorite staple.

So, is your jewelry ready for the quiet luxury movement?