My Favorite Jewelry Bloggers to Follow

Jewelry bloggers have become the go-to source for inspiration, trends, and expert insights into the world of accessories. Whether you're a connoisseur of high jewelry or seeking artisanal one of a kind creations, influencers offer a diverse range of styles and expertise to cater to every taste. I follow many absolutely amazing jewelry bloggers… too many to mention here, but I’ve chosen my top 5 favorites to share with you. I think I gravitate toward them because their content comes from a very personal and real place that seems less overtly curated and more down to earth. But whether your interests lie in a 100 carat diamond at a Sothebys auction, a vintage ruby ring or a minimalist stacking necklace, between these bloggers, you will find what you are looking for!

photo of jewellery pursuer blogger

@jewellerypursuer - Jewellery Pursuer caters to lovers of luxury, offering the ultimate array of high jewelry from renowned brands and designers. Follow along as Shohista, the creative force behind the blog, shares her passion for exquisite jewelry and timeless style. But what sets this blog apart is Shohista's personal touch – she not only curates her own stunning content but also shares heartfelt insights.


photo of gem gossip jewelry blogger

@gemgossip - Danielle Miele is not only a blogger but a gemologist and collector of jewelry as well. Known for her passion for jewelry and gemstones, Gem Gossip offers a mix of fine jewelry and unique finds, making her account a treasure trove for jewelry enthusiasts looking to discover something extraordinary. With her own design collaborations and an extensive collection of antique charms and unique chains, she offers a unique blend of vintage allure and contemporary flair as well as humorous content and stories of her sons Gino and Vince.


photo of grant mobly jewelry blogger

@grantmobley - As a diamond expert, jewelry fanatic and GIA graduate, Grant Mobley could arguably be the ultimate authority on natural diamonds. Grant provides invaluable insights into the world of diamonds, from their unique characteristics to the latest trends in diamond jewelry both new and vintage. If you’re looking for natural diamonds and diamond jewelry that will regularly have you picking your jaw up off the floor, Grant is your man.


photo of made of jewelry blogger

@madeofjewelry - Sophie is the Belgium based jewelry enthusiast and collector behind Made of Jewelry. Sophie celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship behind each designer she features. Her content is real, down to earth, relatable and ultimately attainable for the every day collector of fine jewelry. Follow Sophie for behind-the-scenes glimpses into her (and her daughter Imkes) own personal jewelry collection, and for unique, new artisanal creations.


photo of diamonds in the library jewelry blogger

@diamondsinthelibrary - Becky, AKA Diamonds in the Library, possibly Americas sweetheart of the jewelry industry. Shes a treasure hunter who specializes in vintage and antique jewelry, as well as new designer creations. She’s uniquely open to everything and all genres and price points. She consistently showcases gorgeous pieces from eras past and newly created jewelry finds through her unrivaled unboxing videos.


Join me in following these amazing jewelry bloggers who explore the world of high jewelry, fine craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and the latest trends every day. From insightful content to styling tips, they offer a wealth of inspiration for both the seasoned, high jewelry collector and the fashion-forward enthusiast.