Crafting Your Jewelry Statement

In the world of fashion, jewelry is your exclamation point, and can transform almost any outfit. Whether you’re dressing for the work, a formal event, or a casual lunch, your jewelry can convey your personality in a language that needs no words. How do you make sure your jewelry truly stands out—communicating who you are and what you want to project to the world?

Choosing the Right Pieces

When it comes to picking the perfect pieces, certain guiding principles can help you avoid a fashion misstep. First, consider the outfit you're accessorizing and the function you're dressing for. A pair of unique diamond dangle earrings might be just the thing for a formal event, while chunky circle earrings or statement cuff bracelets could add a bit of glam to a contemporary, everyday jeans and tee look.

modern photo of model wearing statement necklaces

Beyond situational factors, you can, if you choose, take into consideration the current jewelry trends... and currently that leans towards maximalism, where layering and bold pieces take center stage. All it takes is a single, quite often striking, piece, like a hero cuff, to bring just the right addition to your look.

our task is to find balance and cohesion, ensuring that your jewelry compliments your outfit without overwhelming it. For example, a simple and classic sheath dress could benefit from a long, trombone link gold chain necklace, or a wide band statement ring with a colorful gemstone... it may steal the show but in a way that adds personality and doesn’t clash with the dress’s elegance.

Layering and Stacking

beautiful model wearing a stack of statement cuff bracelets

Layering and stacking are an art form that adds depth and character to your statement. When coordinated thoughtfully, layering necklaces or stacking bracelets can create a sumptuous visual and give your outfit a custom couture feel.

The secret to effective layering and stacking is to strike a balance. Vary the lengths, sizes, and textures of the pieces without going overboard. A striking solitaire stone on a paperclip chain layered with a thick, very heavy link chain with a lock closure and a charm can be perfection. For bracelets, mixing in a bold cuff with a chunky chain link bracelet can maintain a balance both in weight and visual space.

Don't forget the neckline when layering necklaces, it should enhance and not compete with the shape, style and neckline of your top. Similarly, when stacking rings, offset the power that they bring with negative (bare) spaces… don’t stack a huge ring on every finger unless you plan to go boxing!

Mixing Metals and Stones

The current fashion trend also definitely allows for mixing your metals with reckless abandon (which could not make me happier!). Mixing gold and silver or rose gold is not only acceptable, but it's encouraged.

handcrafted one of a kind stack of mixed metal wide cuff bracelets with gemstones

Harmonize your look by working with a dominant metal and introducing the other as a complementary accent. For multiple rings, use one dominant metal and stick to that for the majority of your ring fingers, introducing one or two in the secondary metal on alternate fingers or stacked.

Gemstones present an even wider spectrum of possibilities, and here you can have fun with complimentary and contrasting colors - pairing, for instance, moonstones with blue sapphires, or emeralds with opals. Make sure to balance not just the colors but also the shine. 

Personalization and Customization

rare and one of a kind opal cuff bracelet with hand stamped poem by Jen Volkodav jewelry Design

In a world of mass-produced jewelry, a one of a kind jewelry piece that whispers your name can stand out as truly your own style. Personalized and one of a kind jewelry can be as simple as a pendant with your initial or as elaborate as a bracelet hand stamped with a poem, but the message it carries is powerful—you are unique.

When curating your jewelry box, aim for a mix of classic pieces and specialized ones. Even if they aren't the flashiest, one of a kind, artistic jewelry items carry a charm that immediately catches observers and provides a talking point.

Jewelry is the heart and soul of your style. Every piece has the potential to be a word, a poem, a story. When you make a statement with jewelry, you harness your power and highlight your own narrative. When you choose the right pieces, layering and stacking with intention, balancing metals and stones, and incorporating personalization, you will achieve a look that is not only stylish but also uniquely you.

The time has come to spurn cookie-cutter accessories and invest in jewelry as unique as you are.  Now, go forth and find the jewels that are waiting to be adopted and adored.